Patrick Callahan joins the ranks of Rotary!


Patrick Callahan’s proudest accomplishments are being an educator, husband, and father. He is currently a Senior Training Administrator at Pearson, supporting Enrollment Advisors at schools like ASU, Bradley, Rutgers and USC by facilitating sales training, coaching, and acting as his team’s subject matter expert on instructional design. Patrick is passionate about education and has worked in that field for 12+ years. Additionally, Patrick is a part of Pearson’s Global Inclusion team and a founding member of the local chapter of Pearson Veterans, an employee resource group that supports active duty, reserve and military veterans. Patrick himself served 5 years in the Marine Corps in 29 Palms, California and abroad in Okinawa, South Korea, and the Philippines. Patrick has earned his BS in Management and a Masters in Education.


When not in the classroom, Patrick enjoys traveling and trying new breweries with his wife, music of all kinds (bluegrass is currently his main Pandora station), camping, and spending time with his two dogs. He is currently learning German, wants to play the guitar/banjo and developing professionally by learning about project management/AGILE/SCRUM.