Glendale West Rotarians Help Homeless Youth Connection Prepare for their Teen Exchange!

The Homeless Youth Connection (HYC) "mission in partnership with the community, is to raise awareness and meet the needs of homeless youth so they can stay in school and graduate." 
One of their newest programs is the Teen Exchange. This program is designed to allow students to come in and shop free of charge for needed items, such as  teenage or young adult clothing, hygiene items, or school supplies. HYC secures these items through donations to the program. Each youth was checked out at the end of their shopping experience and informed how much money it would have cost them, if they had purchased the items themselves. 
Glendale West Rotarians assisted in setting up and running the pilot day of the program with the cooperation of HYC staff, youth, families and case workers. It was a wonderful day. HYC does some amazing work in the community. 
If you are interested in knowing more about HYC, check out their website at