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Glendale West
Dave and Busters
United States of America

This week we will have GWR first club assembly of the new Rotary year. A club assembly, as defined by Rotary International, is a meeting of the officers, directors, and committee chairmen of a club to coordinate and develop the program of Rotary within the club. Our club expands it to include all of our members. We will review our five avenues of service. Each of the committee chairs will tell us what their committee will be doing this year. We will also hear from the chairs of the various sub-committees. Among those are the Rummage Sale, Global Grants, Ethic Dinner, Service Projects, Vocational Service, Membership and many others.

If you are not on the board, this is probably your greatest chance of providing input. Perhaps you have an idea of how to improve a project. Maybe you have some input to provide on fundraising. You might have an objection to the way something is being done. Maybe you would just like to be able to participate in the club more. This is your chance. One thing is for sure—nobody will EVER object to you volunteering to help the club. We should have 100% participation by all the members, not just a few of them. Please show you want to be part of the solution, not the problem, by showing up this week for this important meeting. It is important for all our members to try to attend. Now is the chance to have your voice heard, so speak up now or forever hold your peace.